How We Take Impressions In Seconds

Whenever you receive a dental appliance, or braces or aligners, the orthodontist needs to take impressions of your smile. Now, in the past this involved biting down on a sticky mold that despite often being “flavored” was always a poor-tasting and chalky mess. However, we’ve embraced advanced technology to streamline the process and avoid the need to bite down on molds. How do we take impressions in seconds in Fort Worth, TX?

Why Do We Need Impressions of Our Smiles?

First, we need to understand the cause and extent of your misalignment. To do this, we need a detailed picture of your smile, including your teeth, gums, jaw, and oral structures. From there, we can choose the most appropriate treatment option and start you on the road to a healthier smile. These detailed images also enable us to design your orthodontics. We need brackets and wires that fit comfortably and correct your misalignment. For those with TMJ oral splints and clear aligners, again we need to create orthodontics that fit comfortably and address your oral health concerns accurately.

The iTero® System

The iTero® system employs digital technology to create detailed impressions without relying on sticky molds. A digital camera will sit at the end of a small wand. Using the wand, we can take a series of photos of your smile from multiple angles, all in a matter of seconds. These images then enable us to create 3D models and offer greater precision when designing orthodontics and oral appliances.

The Benefits of Embracing Orthodontic Treatment

Why should you consider orthodontics? Well, if you have an uneven smile, you often have trouble cleaning your teeth when brushing and flossing, which could lead to tooth decay and gum disease. The pressure on your jaw joints often means a greater risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism, and the impact on your appearance could lead to embarrassment and lower self-confidence. To ensure better oral and overall health, you should talk to your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist about possible solutions. In addition to clear aligners and cosmetic braces, if you experience headaches and jaw pain as a result of TMJ disorder or bruxism, we can create custom oral splints to reposition your jaw and treat your TMJ and bruxism-related discomfort. If you have any questions or concerns about addressing alignment or about our digital scanning technology, then contact our team today.

Ready for a Straighter Smile?

We employ advanced technology to help you enjoy comfortable and precise orthodontic solutions. To schedule your consultation and learn more about improving dental alignment, please call Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX at (817) 236-7846. Our office proudly serves patients who live In Rome, Haslet, Azle, and all surrounding communities.