Month: March 2019

Are Cosmetic Orthodontics Right For Teens?

We find that our teen patients often worry about how metal orthodontics will impact the appearance of their smile. We understand their apprehension, and offer options to help alleviate their concerns. In today’s blog, your Fort Worth, TX, orthodontist explains how cosmetic orthodontics offer barely visible solutions to minor and severe cases of misalignment.

Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit

We often see patients in their teen and adult years, but addressing misalignment in early childhood often helps limit the amount of time orthodontic treatment will be needed. In today’s blog, we’re looking when children in Fort Worth, TX, should see the orthodontist for the first time, and discussing the treatment options we often offer… Read more »

What’s Happening This Weekend In Fort Worth?

Once again, we want to talk about the wonderful community of Fort Worth. With the weekend finally here, this is so much for you and your family to enjoy. We’re looking at four unique events taking place this month and next month in Fort Worth, TX. If you’re interested in attending the next big event… Read more »

How We Take Impressions In Seconds

Whenever you receive a dental appliance, or braces or aligners, the orthodontist needs to take impressions of your smile. Now, in the past this involved biting down on a sticky mold that despite often being “flavored” was always a poor-tasting and chalky mess. However, we’ve embraced advanced technology to streamline the process and avoid the… Read more »

Be Prepared For An Orthodontic Emergency

What would you do if a wire popped loose in your braces? This is just one example of a serious orthodontic emergency, one that could impact people of all ages wearing braces. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at how Fort Worth, TX, residents should respond to common orthodontic emergencies, and when they should… Read more »

March Events In Fort Worth

Spring is nearly here, but don’t let the cold weather keep you from heading outside. This weekend there will be number of fun events taking in Fort Worth, from plays to electric bike tours! Learn more in today’s blog. In addition, remember that if you want to enjoy a more even smile when you attend… Read more »

Restoring Bite Balance With Orthodontics

A poor balance in our bite impacts how our teeth fit together and may lead to a number of serious complications, including the onset of TMJ disorder. In order to correct imbalance and treat TMD-related trouble, we may suggest orthodontic treatment. How will our orthodontic systems help patients in Fort Worth, TX, suffering from poor… Read more »

The Dangers Of Misalignment

Many people are unaware of the ways uneven teeth impact our smiles. Crooked and crowded teeth are much more than just an esthetic concern. In fact, without treatment our uneven smiles could lead to serious oral health problems. In today’s blog, we’re looking at the dangers of misalignment and discussing how we help correct alignment… Read more »

How Do We Create Tooth-Colored Brackets?

Clear aligners may not be a person’s best choice for correcting misalignment. In these situations, we may instead recommend braces. To ensure these braces remain barely noticeable, we may create tooth-colored brackets made from a metal-free material. How do we create these tooth-colored brackets and what should our Fort Worth, TX, patients expect from braces?