Month: January 2019

We Design Orthodontics With Advanced Imaging Technology

We offer a number of treatment options to correct misalignment and address common jaw joint disorders in Fort Worth, TX. For example, we may use cosmetic orthodontics to correct misalignment or create oral splints to treat TMJ disorder. To do this, we employ advanced imaging technology with iTero®.

January Community Events In Fort Worth

Today, we would like to take a break from our usual orthodontic topics and talk about the community. Fort Worth is a such a rich and vibrant city, one with so much to offer! We’re going to look at a few fun and exciting events taking place in our city this month.

Do You Have An Orthodontic Emergency?

Braces and other smile correction options help our Fort Worth, TX, patients enjoy healthier smiles. However, occasionally those with braces may encounter orthodontic emergencies. Let’s take a look at common emergency situations and discuss a few ways to address them prior to seeing us for repair.

Do You Have Questions About Invisalign®?

Correcting your smile’s alignment helps improve not only your appearance, but your overall oral health as well. Using Invisalign® aligners, we help our Fort Worth, TX, patients enjoy smiles free of misalignment. Do you have questions about Invisalign®?

Will TMJ Therapy Stop Recurring Headaches?

Do you have recurring headaches, but aren’t sure why? Often, the root of the problem may be in your smile. TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, is a jaw joint problem that could lead to persistent head pain. Fortunately, we have treatment options to help our Ft. Worth, TX, patients suffering from headaches and TMD.

Tooth-Colored Brackets Offer Less Visible Braces

We understand your appearance means a lot to you, and don’t want your concerns about braces to prevent you from undergoing treatment to enjoy a more even and healthy smile. To help our patients in Fort Worth, TX, our team offers tooth-colored brackets to ensure less visible braces.

Would You Like To Learn More About Invisible Aligners?

With the new year here, many people are looking to make big changes. For Fort Worth, TX, patients interested in straighter smiles, we have a cosmetic solution with invisible aligners. How does the Invisalign® system work?

What Are The Types Of Malocclusion?

Are you familiar with the word “malocclusion?” The prefix of the word is “mal-” which means bad. “Occlusion” refers to bite. Put together the word means “bad bite.” The way in which a bite is bad or misaligned is what designates the type of malocclusion that it is. Different types of malocclusion affect the smile… Read more »

Tips For Picking Out Colors For Braces

Traditional braces made with metal wires and brackets can help straighten a smile. Straightening a smile can help build confidence and lower the risk of dental problems. However, wearing braces can sometimes make someone feel less confident. Picking out the color of the brackets is one way to increase that confidence and lean into the… Read more »