Month: December 2018

Tips For A Healthier Smile In 2019

New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to reflect upon the past year and to gear up for the new year. When it comes to your smile’s health, it is never too late to improve it. Dr. Cabal and Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, TX wants to be your resource for your family’s orthodontic… Read more »

Are Sports/Energy Drinks Bad For My Smile?

The consumption of sports and energy drinks is on the rise with adolescents drinking more than other age groups. Most sports and energy drinks have high levels of acidity. When the drinks are consumed on a daily or habitual basis, the acid can lead to changes in the mouth. If you are a person who… Read more »

3 Reasons To Want A Straighter Smile

Straightening your smile is more than just straightening crooked teeth. Straightening a smile is about adjusting the bite into a proper alignment. The purpose of the adjustment go beyond just wanting everyone’s smile to look like a cookie-cutter Hollywood style. The reasons for wanting a straighter smile involve both your smile’s and your jaw’s health…. Read more »

5 Tips To Keep Braces Clean

If you have been living with braces for awhile then you probably have your hygiene routine down pat. If you are new to life with braces, these tips might give you some helpful insight on how to keep your braces clean. Perhaps you are a parent who recognizes that your child or teen may need… Read more »

Fort Worth: Where To Ring In 2019

Christmas is less than a week away, which means 2019 will be here in the blink of an eye. If you are someone who likes to go out on the town for New Year’s Eve, we have a list of some local events going on. There is even an option for you to take the… Read more »

How Do I Know Invisalign® Is Right For Me?

The end of the year inspires a lot of questions for many people. Questions like,”Did I accomplish all I wanted to do in 2018?” or “How can I do better in 2018?.” If you have been thinking about straightening your smile, you may have found yourself asking “Is Invisalign® treatment the best way for me to… Read more »

Resolution: Straighter Smile In 2019

New Year’s resolutions are a popular way for people to kick off their year with a specific goal. For some people it may be to get into the gym more often, while for others it may be to spend more time at home. Whatever the goal may be, it can be a challenge to follow… Read more »

Fun In DFW This Weekend

Christmas is less than two weeks away now. Whether you are still looking for that perfect gift or just enjoying the festive season, there are plenty of fun things to do this weekend in Fort Worth, Texas. The DFW metroplex is full of lights and wonder this time of year. With Christmas fast approaching, it… Read more »

Keep A Healthy Smile During Christmas

Christmas, even if you do not celebrate, brings a certain magic to the air. It marks the end of the year. Family gathers round. The air feels crisper. There is music and merriment all around. There are also lots of sweets. Sugar seems to be in almost everything. There are mugs filled with hot cocoa… Read more »

Avoid Gum Disease During Orthodontic Treatment

Gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease, is a very common oral health problem. It caused by harmful bacteria collecting along and beneath the gum tissue to cause irritation, inflammation, and infection. For some people wearing braces, the smile can be harder to clean which more bacteria is available to cause gum disease…. Read more »