Smile Effects Of Smoking & Vaping

Smile Effects Of Smoking & Vaping The use of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes for short) is a phenomenon with growing popularity. In Fort Worth, Texas, the use of e-cigarettes, which is known as vaping, is quite popular among young adults. While now it is largely known that cigarettes are bad for your health, many people think that e-cigarettes are a safer option. However, the research has not exactly caught up to the rising popularity of the vaping trend. Today, we take a look at smoking and vaping and the effects they can have on your smile’s health

Nicotine & Your Health

Cigarettes and many electronic cigarettes have nicotine, the addictive component of tobacco. Nicotine can reduce your blood flow. A reduction of blood flow can cause your body to have a hard time fighting off infection. This can be a problem if you are faced with the infection and inflammation of gum disease. If your body is having a difficult time fighting gum disease, it can allow it to advance at a faster rate. Advanced gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss; it can also cause pain, gum recession, and increase the risks of health issues in other parts of your body.

Dry Mouth

Not all e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but all of them contain flavor additives that are turn into vapor. These vapors go through the mouth and into the lungs. The use of e-cigarettes can lead to a reduced rate of saliva production, which can cause dry mouth. Saliva is your body’s agent for rinsing harmful bacteria out of your mouth. A dry mouth is a haven for bacterial production. With higher levels of bacteria, your risk for gum disease and tooth decay can be higher. If you do smoke or vape, it is important to discuss it with your dentist and/or orthodontist.

Do you smoke or vape?

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