Quiz: TMJ Disorder And Solutions

Quiz: TMJ Disorder And SolutionsTMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which are the joints on either side of your jaw. TMJ disorder is the dysfunction of these joints. Today, we will quiz your knowledge of TMJ disorder and some of the available solutions for the problem. We will also be providing an answer key, so that knowledge can be gained. Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, Texas can be your resource for help diagnosing, understanding, and treating TMJ disorder. 


  1. TRUE or FALSE: Misalignment of your bite can be a contributing factor to developing TMJ disorder.
  2. TRUE or FALSE; There is no way to see what is truly going on with your temporomandibular joints.
  3. TRUE or FALSE: Shoulder pain can be one symptom of TMJ disorder.
  4. TRUE or FALSE: Oral splint therapy can help provide relief for someone suffering from TMJ disorder.

Answer Key

  1. TRUE. An improperly aligned bite can contribute to unbalanced strain on the joints and muscles of your jaw. If misalignment has caused the pain and malfunction of your jaw, TMJ therapy combined with orthodontic treatment may provide relief.
  2. FALSE. Digital technology allows for your orthodontist to assess what is going on with your joints and what is causing the problem. Digital technology can also be used to map out a detailed plan of treatment.
  3. TRUE. You may be surprised to learn that pain from TMJ disorder is not localized only to the jaw. Pain can spread to the neck, shoulders, and arms. It can also include frequent, painful headaches and earaches. Jaw popping, clicking, and lockjaw can all also occur with TMJ disorder.
  4. TRUE. An oral splint can be customized to fit your smile’s unique curves to provide relief to your joints. Combined with orthodontic treatment, oral splint therapy can be the one-two punch needed to knock out the pain and suffering associated with TMJ disorder.

Do you have questions about TMJ disorder?

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