Picking Snacks For Family Movie Night

Picking Snacks For Family Movie NightThere are certain snacks that are synonymous with family movie night: popcorn, candy, and soda. If one of the family members wears braces or even if the family is just mindful of their oral health, these classic movie snacks are less than ideal. Just like with the rest of nutritional health, moderation is key. When choosing snacks for a movie, pick a balance of options rather than going all the way into indulgent choices. If you and your family or friends are having a movie night in Fort Worth, Texas, we hope this tips will help you to pick some healthy snacks.  

Popcorn: Chew Carefully

Popcorn can be a risky choice for the smile. The hulls can get caught under the gums and stay their long enough to cause infection. An unpopped kernel can cause damage to your braces or even crack a tooth. For someone wearing braces, popcorn should be swapped for something else like puffed corn or hullless popcorn. For people who wear Invisalign and can remove the aligners for snacks, be sure to clear away any popcorn remains as soon as you can.

Pick Soda or Candy

Rather than picking soda and candy, try just picking one or the other. Neither are great options for the smile’s health, but together, they can really increase your chances of tooth decay. When picking a type of candy to snack on, choose something that melts in the smile easily rather something that will stick around for hours. Crunchy candy can pose the same problem as popcorn kernels.

Rinse that Smile

When watching a movie, you obviously cannot get up to go brush your teeth in the middle of the good part. However, you can be sure to drink water along with the less healthy snacks and drinks. Water can help keep the harmful bacteria moving along. Chewing sugarless gum can provide the same rinsing and moving benefits as drinking water.

Movie snacks can be healthy!

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