Quiz: What Benefits Will Invisalign® Offer?

If you have an uneven smile, then you may assume metal braces are the only option for correcting misalignment. Fortunately, we can straighten smiles in Ft. Worth, TX, with the Invisalign® system. What benefits will Invisalign® offer?

Try Our Quiz on Invisalign®

  1. True or False: They fit comfortably.
  2. True or False: The aligners will be clear.
  3. True or False: You can remove them before meals.
  4. True or False: Treatment time is often shorter than with metal braces.

Answer Key

  1. True. We will take detailed impressions of your smile, which will be sent to an Invisalign® lab. There, experts will create a series of aligners custom-made for your smile. They will fit comfortably, while also repositioning your teeth with precision and accuracy.
  2. True. Each set will be made from a BPA-free plastic material, meaning they will be nearly invisible when worn. Patients will wear each set for about 20 to 23 hours per day, and upgrading to a new set about once every two weeks.
  3. True. You don’t have to avoid certain foods the way you would with metal braces. Instead, you simply take the aligners out before meals. Being removable also means brushing and flossing your teeth will be much easier, allowing you to better protect your smile throughout treatment. You can also take them out before special occasions, such as a graduation.
  4. True. With metal braces, treatment may take between 18 months and 24 months. However, on average patients wearing clear aligners see optimal results in as little as a year. However, the exact time will depend on the cause and severity of misalignment, and also on whether the patient wears them as prescribed. If you have any questions about clear aligners, then contact our team today.


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