Get A Head Start On Your Smile Resolutions

Get A Head Start On Your Smile ResolutionsAll of the rain in Fort Worth, Texas has made the seasons feel a little confusing. However, with the temperatures dropping, it does feel like November is less than a week away. While it may feel like too soon to start thinking about the holidays and your New Year’s Resolutions, it is never too early to start especially if your resolutions involve straightening your smile’s alignment. To get started on reaching your smile’s goals, starting today is better than starting tomorrow. 

Determine Your Needs

The first step of any orthodontic treatment is the initial consultation. Your doctor will examine your mouth visually along with using digital technology to get a more in depth look. If the alignment of your smile does need to be adjusted, it would be discussed. Your smile’s needs are the most important piece of the puzzle that is your treatment. Understanding those needs will determine how to meet them.

Discuss Your Goals

Your goals will play into the action plan. For example, if you want to have a treatment that is not easily noticeable, you may want Invisalign over traditional metal braces. If Invisalign is appropriate for your needs, you and your doctor can determine the next step. If your smile’s specific needs go beyond Invisalign, your doctor may show you tooth-colored brackets as an alternative solution.

Map Out a Plan

Once your smile’s needs and your goals have been discussed, the next step will be to map out a treatment plan. All of the information will determine what type of treatment is best for you and your smile. For example, if Invisalign is the best solution, digital technology can be used to create a detailed outline of your treatment. You may even see a digital representation of what your end result may look like.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution already?

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