Eating While Wearing Braces

Eating While Wearing BracesOpting to get a straighter smile is important for your smile’s health as well as your smile’s appearance. Depending on the treatment used to straighten the smile, your life might change just a bit. If you choose to go with clear aligners from Invisalign, you may have some adjustments to make in your life. Adjustments will also apply if you are wearing traditional metal braces. One such adjustment is your nutrition. The foods you eat might change during your treatment time with metal braces. Your orthodontic team in Fort Worth, TX can talk to you about straightening your smile and the effects it can have on your life. 

The First Week

The first few days after getting braces put on is probably the most restrictive time when it comes to your diet. During this initial time, the adhesive could still be curing, which means you will only be able to eat soft foods. Because the first week can also be when your mouth is at its most tender, eating soft foods will likely be your preference.

Snacks To Stay Away From

You can eat most foods while wearing braces, however, there are some foods that can cause damage to the mechanics of your braces and oral appliances. Hard and crunchy foods like ice (which could be dangerous to teeth anyways), carrots, apples, chips, popcorn, hard candy, etc. should be avoided. Chewy foods like taffy, gum, and bagels can also be problematic for braces.

The How Instead of the What

Rather than cutting out beloved foods, you can try to find a safer way to eat them. For example, cooked carrots may be easier to eat than raw ones. Corn off the cob will likely be easier to eat than corn on the cob. Cutting up hard fruits, sucking on hard candy instead of chewing, or softening hard cookies in milk are all methods to help you enjoy your pre-braces diet.

Do you or a loved one wear braces?

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