Smile Risks With A Tongue Piercing

Smile Risks With A Tongue PiercingIt is becoming more and more mainstream, especially among young people, for brightly colored hair, tattoos, and body piercings. In Fort Worth, Texas, it is becoming more common to see someone expressing their individuality through body art. While everyone has different views and ideas on the matter, there are some health risks for some piercings, especially to those in the mouth. A pierced tongue can easily get infected or irritate the soft tissues in the mouth or even crack the teeth. It is important to be aware of these risks in an effort to mitigate the potential damage. 

Irritation and Infection

Your mouth has its own ecosystem that is home to breeding bacteria, both good varieties and harmful ones. Your tongue collects bacteria, which makes a tongue piercing very susceptible to an infection. An infection that can progress to something dangerous and life-threatening very quickly; for example, your tongue can swell up to a size large enough to block your airway. Many people with tongue piercings fidget with them in a way that makes the piercing bump up against the teeth and gums. Your soft gum tissues can get irritated by the rubbing and clicking. Irritated gum tissue can be more susceptible to bacteria and therefore more susceptible to gum disease.

Damage to Teeth

Clicking and fidgeting a tongue piercing can also cause damage to your teeth. Metal tongue piercings can act like tiny wrecking balls hitting the surfaces of the teeth, prosthetics, or orthodontic structures. Tiny cracks can occur at first leaving the teeth vulnerable to further breakage or to tooth decay. If you already have a tongue piercing, keep your mouth clean and try to avoid clicking and clacking your mouth jewelry against your teeth and gums. If you do not already have a tongue piercing, consider the risks thoroughly before jumping in.

Tongue piercings may increase certain risks

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