Follow-Up After Orthodontic Treatment

Follow-Up After Orthodontic TreatmentOrthodontic treatment can make a dramatic change in the appearance of your smile while also improving your smile’s health. Some people hesitate to invest the time and money into orthodontic treatment over a fear that their teeth will revert back to the original patients. Follow-up exams with your orthodontist can be done to keep up with your smile’s progress. Dr. Cabal in Fort Worth, Texas can help keep your smile on the right track. Orthodontic technology can be used to identify any issues of concern, and if needed, treatment to retain the effects can be used. 

Exams and Digital Imaging

After the braces come off or any orthodontic treatment is complete, you want to feel comfortable and secure knowing your smile is set. With digital imaging like iTero® technology, your smile’s progress can be tracked. Digital scans provide detailed 3D images of your mouth that can tell your orthodontist a lot about your smile. The information can be used to monitor your smile’s needs and to determine if any additional treatment is required. Your orthodontist will provide more specific information as to how often you should come in for follow-up appointments to keep your smile on a healthy track.

Retention Treatment

There are times when after orthodontic treatment, a retainer may be needed to keep the smile from shifting. For times when the smile does shift after treatment, Invisalign may be a good option to provide minimal and discreet treatment to gently shift the smile back into the desired position. If the smile is being monitored as recommended, it becomes less likely that it will shift too much without being identified quickly. Retaining the straightness of your smile can help keep your smile looking great and staying healthy.

Dr. Cabal can help you keep your smile straight

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