Braces-Friendly Lunch Ideas

Braces-Friendly Lunch IdeasCan you believe it? Most schools in Fort Worth, Texas are back in session. If your child is wearing braces, it may make you feel a little lost as to how to pack a nutritious, fun lunch that is braces-friendly. The secret to solving the lunch problem is to remember to keep a variety of options and remember which types of foods to avoid. Variety will keep your child excited about lunch and eating healthy options. Avoiding certain foods can mean avoiding an orthodontic emergency.

Try Some Variety

Variety not only applies to changing up the lunch every week or so, but it also means adding variety to the packed lunch itself. Colorful, whole foods can be a great way to inspire healthfulness while keeping the flavor high. Thinly sliced apples with a bit of cinnamon sprinkled on them can be a tasty treat. A little squeeze of lemon juice can keep them from going brown. Assorted flavors of hummus can be great especially paired with unexpected veggies for dipping. Sliced bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, or zucchini can make for a nice dipper instead of the classic carrot (that may be too hard to eat with braces).

Things To Avoid

Certain things to avoid damage to the brackets or wires include: hard foods like some raw vegetables, croutons, popcorn, meat on the bone, crusty bread, or very crunchy snacks. Sticky foods like caramel, chewy candy, or even certain chewy meats should also be avoided. Seeds or grains on their own or on top of breads should also be avoided as they can get stuck in between brackets.

Add Some Supplies

If your child doesn’t already have a braces kit to take with them to school, put some supplies in their packed lunch. Things like floss, threaders, a toothbrush, mouthwash, wax, extra bands, a small mirror, etc. can all be helpful to clean up the smile after the meal.

Do you have questions about braces-friendly food?

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