Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Smile

Bad Habits That Can Affect Your SmileLiving life comes with its challenges. Every day, you probably try your best to eat right, exercise a little, and take time to do right by yourself. Unfortunately, bad habits can sneak into the routine. You might know that some of them can wreak havoc on your smile, but some you may be doing without realizing the harm you could be causing. Dr. Cabal in Fort Worth, Texas cares about your smile and wants you to maintain a healthy one. Here are a handful of bad habits that could be derailing your smile’s health and bright appearance. 


Smoking cigarettes or using tobacco at all has been proven to be very harmful to your health. It is also harmful for your smile. Tobacco use increases your risk for oral cancer. It can also stain your teeth, weaken your enamel, and irritate your sensitive gum tissue.

Sipping On Soda

Sugary soda can be problematic for your teeth. The acidity levels in most dark colas (and even tea and coffee) are at levels that can erode your teeth. Balance is important when it comes to these drinks, which means if you must have an acidic drink – do so and then follow it with water to rinse it away. Sipping on soda throughout the day can be dangerous to your teeth.

Chewing on Ice or Pencils

Your chompers are meant for chewing food. Chewing on hard non-food items, like ice or pencils, can leave your teeth in peril of being chipped or cracked. Even small damage that you might not notice can be dangerous by giving tooth decay a head start.

Skipping Hygiene Routine

Occasionally missing the recommended twice a day brushing and flossing routine is normal. Life gets busy and sometimes we are in a hurry. However, when your norm becomes to head out the door without brushing your teeth, it can become a problem. If not removed frequently, bacterial buildup in your mouth can begin causing tooth decay and gum disease.

You only get one smile.

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