A Look At Phased Orthodontics: Part 2

A Look At Phased Orthodontics: Part 2 Last week, we took a first look at phased orthodontics in Part 1 of this two-part blog series, A Look At Phased Orthodontics by Lake Country Orthodontics in Fort Worth, Texas. To recap a bit of what was discussed in Part 1, we learned that phased orthodontics is a process of starting orthodontic adjustment early for children. Starting early allows for the natural development to be leveraged in an effort for more invasive treatment later. There are two main phases in phased orthodontics: phase 1 that was discussed in part 1 and phase 2 that will be discussed today. Phase 2 is the actual movement of the teeth into their permanent position. 

Observation and Waiting

The goal of phase 1 in phased orthodontics is to identify and intercept any potential problems. There are situations where phase 1 may be enough to curb any smile issues. In the situations where more orthodontic treatment is needed to correct the problem, it usually cannot be done until all of the permanent teeth have erupted from the gums. In between phase 1 and phase 2, there may be a period of time with observation of the current situation while waiting on the permanent adult teeth to emerge. Because of the benefits received during phase 1, if treatment is needed in phase 2, it will likely be less extensive that what would have been needed without an interceptive phase 1.

Goals and Retention

The goal of phase 2 is to move the teeth into their best position for functionality and appearance. Phase 2 can involve traditional metal braces or Invisalign. After the teeth have been adjusted, it may be recommended that a retainer be worn to retain the corrected position. Sometimes this is known as phase 3 or the retention period. Using a retainer can help prevent the smile from shifting after it has been adjusted.

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