A Look At Phased Orthodontics: Part 1

A Look At Phased Orthodontics: Part 1 Popular culture has made it so that orthodontic treatment is only necessary for teenagers. Because of this, many parents are surprised to learn that the American Association of Orthodontists recommend that a child’s first visit to the orthodontist occur by the age of 7. The reason for the early visit is because adjustment is easier done during the stages of development. Phased orthodontics is a two-phase process that allows for a child’s natural growth and development to be leveraged in the use of orthodontic treatment. This week in Fort Worth, Texas, we will take a closer look at Phase 1 in this two-part blog post. 

Phase 1: When and Why?

Phase 1 is interceptive treatment that helps to curtail any problems that appear to be developing before the permanent teeth emerge. Any treatment that needs to happen will be done in an effort to correct the existing (and still developing) skeletal or muscular orofacial environments before all of the adult teeth erupt. If the jaw position needs to be adjusted, it will be done in order to better accommodate the teeth already there and the ones still to come. Leaving a developmental problem alone until it has fully formed may make it so that condition becomes too severe for braces alone to address. By approaching treatment in phases at a younger age, more gentle and effective treatment can be applied.

What Typically Happens?

Phase 1 is like a planning stage. Digital technology will be used to map out the development thus far. Using these digital images, a plan will be made to help correct and adjust the position of the jaw. Depending on the unique situation, a fixed or removable oral appliance will be used to do so. Exams will be done along the way to check the progress. In some situations, Phase 1 treatment may be enough to curb the development into the correct position. Though in many cases, Phase 2 treatment will be needed.

Next week, we will discuss Phase 2.

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