The Problems With Chronic Dry Mouth

The Problems With Chronic Dry MouthDry mouth every once in awhile can be a result of your activities that day. Chronic and consistent dry mouth is medically known as xerostomia, which is a condition where a your mouth produces very little saliva. As saliva is your body’s natural defense to keep harmful bacteria out of your mouth, a decrease in production can cause an increase in bacteria. If you have frequently face dry mouth, it can be uncomfortable and can lead to serious health problems. A dry mouth can be caused by a variety of reasons including certain medications, autoimmune diseases, advanced age, hormonal changes, or lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol use, or excessive consumption of caffeine. 

Effects on Your Smile

Without the rinsing defense of saliva, a dry mouth can lead to an overpopulation of bacteria in the mouth. An overpopulation of bacteria can be problematic for your teeth and gums.  An abundance of bacteria increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Your mouth can also become more susceptible to infection. A dry mouth can create difficulties in your abilities to chew, swallow, taste foods or drinks, or speak. If you have dental implants in your smile, a dry mouth can be problematic for that as well.

Ways to Deal With a Dry Mouth

There is such a wide range of potential causes of dry mouth, which makes it very important to first pinpoint the root of the problem. If it is a side effect of a certain medication, you may be able to talk to your doctor about changing the prescription or adding a helpful supplement. If you’re not sure of the cause, changing your lifestyle by reducing sugar, caffeine, tobacco, or alcohol may help. Sucking on ice chips or sipping on water consistently throughout the day can help keep your mouth lubricated. Chewing on sugar-free gum can be another great way to induce saliva production.

Is your mouth constantly dry?

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