Orthodontic Treatment: The Beginning

Orthodontic Treatment: The BeginningIf you are considering straightening your smile with orthodontic treatment, you may be wondering what the first steps of the process are. Even once you begin the process of straightening your teeth, you may be unsure of what all to expect. Whether you, yourself, are about to start orthodontic treatment or your child is, the process can feel a bit intimidating. Because everyone has a unique smile and specific needs, there is no way of knowing how long it will take to straighten your teeth or the best method it will take to do so, until your orthodontist examines your smile. The first step to any treatment is discussing it with your orthodontist. 

An Exam With Advanced Imaging

Before embarking on any journey, your orthodontist will first examine your smile to determine what needs to happen to get it to ideal appearance and functionality. Rather than needing you to make a physical impression by biting into a mold, digital images can be taken. These images can provide valuable insight into your smiles needs. They can also be used to illuminate what exactly your smile needs to be corrected.

Decide On the Best Course of Action

The treatment you need will depend on the condition of your teeth, bite, and mouth. Patients with mild to moderate alignment issues may qualify for Invisalign, a discreet treatment that does not require the traditional bracket-and-wire arrangement of braces. Invisalign provides a series of customized aligners, made from clear plastic, that you can remove when you eat, and clean your teeth. If your smile has more severe issues, but you are still concerned with keeping a discreet appearance, you can talk to your orthodontist about tooth-colored brackets. These brackets are made from ceramic that can be color-matched to your teeth to allow the braces to better blend into the smile.

Are you ready to begin your journey with orthodontics?

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