Life After Orthodontic Treatment

Life After Orthodontic TreatmentWhether or not you have already taken the plunge into getting orthodontic treatment, you have probably thought about what it will be like afterward. Maybe you have imagined how your life will be different with a straighter smile? While no one has figured out time-travel yet and your doctor cannot see into the future, it is hard to say how exactly your experience will be. Based on commonalities of people who have finished their own treatment, there are some things that you might expect to go through yourself after orthodontic treatment and there are some things that will help make life a bit easier.

Maintaining Checkups

After you have finished your treatment with traditional braces or with Invisalign®, you and your orthodontist will continue to check in with each other. Using advanced technology like iTero, your smile’s progress can be digitally verified. Depending on your specific smile needs, you and your orthodontist will discuss how often and for how long you will need to keep coming in. Regular dental exams will remain important at least twice a year.

Sustaining with a Retainer

A retainer may need to be worn after your treatment is finished. A retainer can help ensure that your teeth do not shift back into their pre-treatment positions. Your orthodontist will advise if you need to wear a retainer along with how long you will need to do so. Sometimes children and teens have to wear a retainer until the wisdom teeth emerge to help make sure the new teeth do not shift the religned smile.

Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Brushing and flossing your teeth is always important. Once your teeth have been adjusted into the proper alignment, it is important to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Orthodontic treatment can improve life with your smile

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