Advice For Healthy Summer Smiles

Advice For Healthy Summer SmilesFor many families, summertime equals no school for the kids and maybe some summer activities. The summer can also mean vacation time, which can add up to some stress depending on the size and age of your family. If your family’s summer is relaxed and stress-free, it can be an easy time to let the routines of daily life slip a little. Bedtimes may be less important with no school to wake up for, which could mean that bedtime routines feel a little less important, too. We have a few pieces of advice that may help keep your family’s smiles stay happy and healthy this summer season! 

Mind the ‘Don’t Run’ Signs

Running around a slippery pool is a big no-no because it is very easy to fall and the landing will not be a soft one. When you and your family are spending time at the pool, be sure to enforce the “walk, don’t run” rules. Falling on concrete or tile can be a fast way to chip a tooth or worse.

Make a List

Going on vacation can lead to a relaxing getaway, but doing it with a family can sometimes be a headache. Each person in the list should have a packing list, which will help make sure simple basics like toothbrushes don’t get left behind!

Watch Out For Those Seeds

Summertime is full of delicious fruit at the peak of their seasons. Remember pits or seeds when biting into fruit, so that something like a juicy nectarine isn’t the cause of smile damage. Summer is also a time for ice cream and sugary snacks, so remember to stay mindful about the family’s nutrition. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to keep the bacteria rinsed out of the smile, while also helping to keep bodies hydrated in the summer heat.

Keep your family’s smiles healthy and happy this summer

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