Month: June 2018

Chronic Pain? Oral Splint Therapy May Help

Unfortunately, many people live with chronic pain. While some may have never tried to seek help, there are a lot of people that cannot find the right solution for their pain. TMJ disorder is a condition affecting the joints (temporomandibular) of the jaw. It is often caused by misalignment, which can lead to undue stress… Read more »

The Harm Caused By Crooked Teeth

If your teeth are crooked, it could make you feel insecure when you look in the mirror. You may feel an overwhelming desire to straighten your teeth in an effort to increase your confidence. It is important to note, however, that straightening your smile has importance that goes well beyond appearance. Crooked teeth can cause… Read more »

Fort Worth’s Fourth Of July

This is the 11th year of Fort Worth’s Fourth, a celebration of our nation’s independence that takes place along the Trinity River at Panther Island Pavilion on Wednesday, July 4th. This event is family friendly with entertainment and fun for all ages. General admission is free along with tubing and KidsZone! The KidsZone is pony… Read more »

Reasons Why Invisalign® Is a Good Idea

Dealing with crooked teeth as an adult is slightly different than doing so in childhood. For instance, straightening them is just as important, but you may be more concerned about how braces could affect your daily work and social life. Fortunately, many adults and older teens don’t have to worry thanks to the benefits of… Read more »

Orthodontic Treatment: The Beginning

If you are considering straightening your smile with orthodontic treatment, you may be wondering what the first steps of the process are. Even once you begin the process of straightening your teeth, you may be unsure of what all to expect. Whether you, yourself, are about to start orthodontic treatment or your child is, the process… Read more »

Fun In Fort Worth This Weekend

We are over halfway through the month of June, so summer is in full swing. The DFW metroplex and specifically the city of Fort Worth, are filled with fun activities for the whole family. Dr. Cabal and the team at Lake Country Orthodontics is so proud to serve the families smiles of the Fort Worth community!

Am I Too Old To Straighten My Smile?

The short answer to this question is that you are probably not too old to straighten your smile. Orthodontic treatment is beneficial for people of all ages. Because straightening your teeth has benefits that go beyond just updating your appearance, it is important to consider it for the health of your smile. Benefits to straightening your… Read more »

Life After Orthodontic Treatment

Whether or not you have already taken the plunge into getting orthodontic treatment, you have probably thought about what it will be like afterward. Maybe you have imagined how your life will be different with a straighter smile? While no one has figured out time-travel yet and your doctor cannot see into the future, it… Read more »

Advice For Healthy Summer Smiles

For many families, summertime equals no school for the kids and maybe some summer activities. The summer can also mean vacation time, which can add up to some stress depending on the size and age of your family. If your family’s summer is relaxed and stress-free, it can be an easy time to let the… Read more »

Am I Overworking My Jaw?

Your jaw has a joint on either side known as your temporomandibular joints, your TMJ. These joints are among the most used joints in your whole body because you use it for chewing, biting, and speaking. You use your jaw every single day. Yes, these joints are capable of taking the brunt of a lot… Read more »