iTero®: Map Out Your Future Smile

iTero®: Map Out Your Future SmileStraightening your smile can be important to be way to keep your smile healthy and a way to restore your confidence in your smile’s appearance. No matter the route you take to straighten your smile, you will need to map out your smile’s future with your orthodontist. Digital technology from the iTero® scanning system allows for your future smile to be visualized and your current smile to be precisely measured. The system allows you to see a 3-D visualization of your smile, which allows for you and your orthodontist to communicate clearly and plan for your smile’s future. 

Precision and Accuracy

The iTero® scanner creates a digital “map” of the your mouth as the wand is moved over the surfaces of the teeth by collecting a series of extremely high resolution pictures. The software then pieces the digital scans together to create a full mouth 3-D image of your smile’s arches and occlusion. The precise images can give a view of your smile for treatment planning, but just as importantly it provides important information for the creation of your treatment. Rather than using physical impressions with a mold, the digital measurements and scans are used to create very accurate customized orthodontic appliances.

Comfortable and Convenient

As mentioned above, physical impressions with molds were used in the past to create treatment for the smile. Creating a physical mold could be messy and uncomfortable. During an iTero® scan, you will be able to breathe and swallow normally. The wand used to get the digital wand typically does not trigger a gag reflex the way that obtaining a mold using impressions could. Getting a digital scan of your mouth often takes very little time, which makes gathering the important information fast and convenient.

The iTero® scanner can help create your future smile

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