How iTero® Works With Invisalign®

How iTero® Works With Invisalign®With advanced technology in the form of the iTero® digital scanner, orthodontists can achieve an accurate impression of your smile, all while giving you a view of the images. The digital technology allows trained technicians to take precise 3D digital images of your mouth. The scanner excels in precision accuracy as well as patient comfort. The iTero® scanner is faster, more comfortable, and more detailed than traditional putty and mold impressions. When iTero® technology is integrated with Invisalign®, it gives you a chance to see what the potential outcome of your treatment will look like while it helps to create a customized plan for your smile. 

Working Together

iTero® technology was created with Invisalign® treatment in mind. Once a digital scan of your smile is taken, the software allows you to see the images and simulate potential results of Invisalign® treatment. With the Outcome Simulator, you and your orthodontist to provide real-time input to make adjustments and create a plan for your smile’s specific needs. Together you can discuss your smile’s goals and with the Simulator, you can decide the best course of action that will determine the specifications of your Invisalign® treatment. Because digital scans are so detailed and precise, the plan created with iTero® can help create a perfect fit for your Invisalign® trays. Digital scans create up to 7 times fewer fit issues than treatments planned the traditional way with molds.

Digital Precision

In the past, to create braces or mouth trays, a mold would be taken of the mouth using putty to make physical impressions. To do so could be uncomfortable, messy, and not very accurate. A digital scan can be more comfortable, clean, and much more precise than traditional methods. Digital technology also takes quite a bit less time than the physical impressions typically take. 

iTero® technology allows for customized treatment

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