Can Certain Foods Help Your Oral Health?

Can Certain Foods Help Your Oral Health?You are probably well aware of the foods to avoid to help keep your mouth healthy: sugary snacks, very hard or sticky candy, etc. But are you aware of the foods that can help provide your teeth with important nutrients and minerals? Your teeth require enough minerals and nutrients to stay healthy and strong enough to defend against harmful oral bacteria and to keep doing their important job of chewing and biting for you. Incorporating certain foods into your diet can help your teeth to receive the important nutrients and minerals that they need. Filling up on healthier foods can also mean that you may feel less inclined to succumb to the less healthy cravings. 

Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Almost every diet fad there is recommends that you keep eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables provide the best sources of essential vitamins and minerals. Some vegetables contain different kinds of antioxidants that fight off harmful microbes and bacteria that attack your teeth and gums. When choosing between juice (even the trendy cold-pressed kind) and chewing on fresh fruit or veggies, choose to chew. The fibrous nature of say a stalk of celery or an apple can mimic the act of brushing your teeth. Chewing can also induce saliva, which can help rinse away harmful bacteria.


Milk, cheese, and yogurt (without added sugar) are rich sources for calcium and phosphates, which are two highly essential minerals for your teeth and the bones that support your teeth. Your teeth use calcium to form and maintain the layer of enamel that protects the sensitive parts within. When your jawbone stays healthy and strong, it helps to support your teeth and gums. If you are sensitive to dairy, chia seeds and almonds contain a lot of calcium.

Good nutrition can provide a boost of nutrients to your smile

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