When Can Early Intervention Help?

When Can Early Intervention Help?First of all, you may be wondering what does early intervention mean when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Early intervention refers to treatment of a young smile that intervenes before the issue takes full shape and causes problems. Intervening early gives an advantage by the fact that a child’s jaw is still growing. The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that children receive an orthodontic screening by age 7 because this is the age that permanent teeth typically begin to come in. Once permanent teeth emerge, potential orthodontic problems can become apparent. 

Protruding Front Teeth

Sometimes children have front teeth that stick out, which can be unsafe. Protrusive front teeth are a lot more likely to break; there is also a higher danger that the teeth can go through the lips during a fall or accident. This kind of issue can also create confidence issues if children are being bullied or teased at school about their “buck teeth”.  For these reasons, intervening treatment of protruding front teeth at an early age can help to correct the issue to protect the young smile and boost their confidence.

Problematic Crossbite

Young smiles can have crossbites in which the normal relationship of the top and bottom teeth is reversed. This can happen in the front, which is called an anterior crossbite, the back, called the posterior crossbite, or both.  In any situation, a crossbite needs to be resolved early to prevent problems in the future. Without early intervention, a crossbite can eventually lead to worn down teeth, occurrences of bone loss, and the onset of gum disease. Crossbite is a fairly common occurrence, and can sometimes be caused by over use of pacifiers or frequent thumb-sucking.

Early intervention can prevent problems

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