Understanding TMJ Disorder And Your Health

Understanding TMJ Disorder And Your HealthWhen you have any type of pain, it can affect your day to day activities. When you suffer from TMJ disorder, the multitude of related pains and discomforts can seriously impact several aspects of your health. TMJ disorder, short for temporomandibular joint disorder, is a dysfunction in one or both of the joints in your jaw. The joints control the movement of your jaw allowing it to open and close for biting, chewing, and speaking. Understanding TMJ disorder can give you the knowledge that may help you prevent developing it or treat it once you have. 

What Is It?

TMJ disorder is a general term that can describe a variety of conditions affecting the joints of your jaw. These specific conditions can include misaligned or inflamed cartilage, a displaced joint, arthritis in one or both joints, and more. TMJ disorder can make it uncomfortable for you to bite, speak, and chew. Other symptoms can include jaw pain, a popping and clicking in your jaw, chronic headaches, bruxism, lockjaw, etc. The disorder can be caused by jaw misalignment or the grinding of your teeth, both of which can create an overwear on your jaw.

Effects On Your Oral Health

When your jaw opens and closes, the joints of your jaw must work together. When they cannot do so because of TMJ disorder, it can decrease your ability to bite efficiently and comfortably. Interestingly enough, the grinding of your teeth known as bruxism can lead to TMJ disorder, while TMJ disorder can also lead to chronic teeth-grinding. The two issues can be both the cause and symptom of each other. Grinding your teeth can lead to damage, sensitivity, and decay. The longer TMJ disorder is left untreated, the more extensive treatment you may need to restore your good oral health.

Do you suffer from TMJ disorder?

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