Sneaky Seeds Can Be A Smile Problem

Sneaky Seeds Can Be A Smile ProblemIf you have ever had an ‘everything’ bagel, then you might understand how easily seeds can get stuck in your teeth. Seeds happen to be in your fruit, bread, yogurt parfait, granola bar, etc. Most seeds are full of nutrients and are generally considered healthy for you. While seeds are beneficial to your health, which is ultimately beneficial to your smile, the tiny, sneaky seeds can be problematic for your oral health. Tiny seeds may go unnoticed when you eat, which means they may go unnoticed if they get stuck in your teeth. Some seeds may be small, but could be large enough to damage the enamel of your teeth when bitten down on. 

Left Behind In Your Smile

Seeds can easily become stuck between your teeth especially when they are very small. This can become very frustrating when eating foods with tiny seeds, such as strawberries. The seeds can get stuck between the crevices of your teeth or even under your gum line. Irritation caused by a seed left in the mouth can lead to inflammation and possibly infection. When eating foods with tiny seeds, be sure to drink plenty of water to keep your mouth rinsed. If possible, brush and floss afterward for extra protection. If you have prosthetic teeth like a crown or a bridge, a small seed can get lodged in or among it. If you are straightening your smile with Invisalign, be sure to clean your smile after eating and before putting your aligners back into your mouth.

Damaged Enamel

Larger seeds can actually crack your tooth if you bite down hard enough. Generally speaking, this smile health hazard occurs most often when you are not aware that a seed is present. It is important to be mindful of seeds and pits of fruit when you are chewing, so that you don’t find yourself in an uncomfortable or painful situation.

Sneaky seeds can be problematic for your smile

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