Keep Track Of Your Invisalign® Aligners

Keep Track Of Your Invisalign® AlignersInvisalign® clear aligners can and should be removed from your smile when you eat, drink, brush, floss, etc. This benefit adds to your convenience and also allows your smile to stay cleaner than with traditional braces. However, this benefit does come with responsibility. For the most efficient treatment possible, it is recommended that you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Being able to remove your clear aligner whenever you want means that you need to need to be able to put it back in as soon as possible. With busy, hectic lives, keeping track of one more thing can be an added challenge. We have some tips and advice that may help you keep track of your Invisalign® clear aligners.

Consistency Is Key

Consistent habits will be the most helpful way to remember to put your clear aligner back into your mouth. It will also help you remember where you put it when it was outside of your mouth. Think of how you remember “phone, wallet, keys” or whatever it is you need when you leave the house. This kind of front-of-brain mantra will be helpful. When you take out your aligner when you are at home, designate a safe spot for them, so you never lose them or leave them vulnerable to accidental damage. Keep them in a spot you will remember and a spot that children and pets cannot reach.

Make a To-Go Plan

When you leave home, it is important to have a plan regarding how you will store your trays. If you go out to eat at lunch, go out for drinks with friends, or just brush your teeth when you are at the office, you will need a place to store your Invisalign® clear aligners. Keeping a storage container with you is a great way to keep the aligners safe. Remember not to leave the storage container out where someone could mistake it for trash.

Keeping up with your aligners can equal successful treatment

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