FAQ About Misaligned Teeth


FAQ About Misaligned Teeth Have you ever wondered, why some people are fortunate enough to have perfectly straight smiles with no need for intervention, while others need orthodontic treatment? You may have overlaps, gaps, or crooked teeth, while another member of your family has a perfect smile. If you have questions about misaligned teeth come about then you may find the answers in this post devoted to FAQ about misaligned teeth. 

Question #1:

If my parents have perfect teeth, why do I have overlapping and overcrowding?

Answer: Generally, humans are amalgams of many different parts of DNA from different people. You may have ended up with your grandma’s tiny teeth and your great-grandpa’s excessive gum tissue. Jaw alignment that you may have gotten from your mother’s side of your family may not match well with the tooth structure you got from your dad. There are definitely people who are fortunate enough to have a naturally straight smile. However, crooked teeth are highly common, so don’t feel too slighted.

Question #2:

Were my teeth crooked before they emerged from my gums?

Answer: Misalignment and malocclusion can be hereditary, however, some issues may have nothing to do with genetics at all. Premature tooth loss in children or loss of permanent teeth in adolescents, teens, and adults all potentially lead to crooked teeth. A traumatic injury or accident or even tooth decay can cause early tooth loss. Once you have a void in your mouth, your other teeth could begin to shift around over time leading to a crooked smile. 

Question #3:


Do pacifiers cause baby’s teeth to be misaligned?

Answer: A long-term habit of pacifier use or thumb-sucking can lead to problematic development of the smile. You should try to wean your youngster off of dental damaging habits such as pacifiers, bottles, or thumb-sucking. The pressure caused by sucking on objects like these can force teeth into the wrong position.

Do you have questions about your smile?

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