3 Big Reasons To Straighten Your Smile

3 Important Reasons To Straighten Your smileA misaligned smile can make you feel insecure. While confidence in your appearance is important, misaligned teeth can also wreak havoc on your smile’s health. Straighter teeth can be easier to keep clean, and they are less susceptible to breakage or tooth decay. A crooked smile can increase your chances of developing TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder, which can lead to chronic headaches or the grinding of your teeth. Straightening your smile can increase your chances of keeping a healthy mouth

1. To Decrease the Risk of Tooth Decay and Damage

Overlapping teeth can keep certain portions of teeth from being as accessible when you brush and floss. When your teeth are difficult to clean, it can create a buildup of harmful bacteria. Bacteria left behind from brushing and flossing can attack the teeth and gums leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Overlapping teeth are also more likely to be damaged because of their dysfunctional way of lining up. Correcting your smile’s alignment can decrease the risk of decay and damage.

2. To Decrease the Risk of TMJ Disorder

A corrected smile means a corrected bite alignment, and a corrected bite can create less strain on your jaw joints. Increased strain on the jaw joints can lead to the development of TMJ disorder. This disorder can cause pain in your face, neck, and head, and can make moving your jaw more difficult.

3. To Increase Your Confidence

The health of your smile is the most important reason to straighten your teeth. Increasing your confidence in your smile’s appearance is an important bonus reason to addressing your crooked smile. Straighter teeth can help anyone at any age to feel more secure about them self and their appearance. If your eyes are windows to your soul, then your smile is like the welcome sign.

Straightening your smile is important.

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