Integrating iTero® Scans With Invisalign®

Integrating iTero® Scans With Invisalign®The process for making oral impressions has come a long way from the messy and uncomfortable trays of the past. With the iTero® digital scanner, orthodontists can achieve an accurate impression comfortably and quickly, all while giving the patient a front row view of the scan. The impression is used for planning your treatment, and iTero® technology is integrated with Invisalign®, allowing you to visualize the potential outcome.

Moving from Analog to Digital

Taking impressions using putty and trays can be uncomfortable, messy, and can even make you gag. All these issues are even more egregious when you consider that these impressions can be inaccurate. A digital scan is quick, clean, and best of all, more accurate than traditional methods. We are all happy to upgrade to the newest technology when it comes to our phones – we should be happy to know when our orthodontist is using upgraded technology as well.

The Power of Integration

iTero® scanners were designed with Invisalign® in mind. Once the impression is made, the software allows you and your orthodontist to view the scan and simulate potential results of Invisalign® treatment. Real-time adjustments in the Outcome Simulator allow the patient to give input and make more informed treatment decisions. Additionally, the more accurate impression made by iTero® can lead to a greater fit of your Invisalign® trays, with up to 7 times fewer fit issues than treatments planned the traditional way.  The impressions are sent directly to the lab, which leads to all-around greater efficiency and accuracy. iTero® digital scanning can help make your trips to the orthodontist more pleasant, quicker, and more effective. The Invisalign® Outcome Simulator can give patients a better view of the process, which can be a great way for you to feel more informed and in more control.

Ask Dr. Cabal about iTero® technology

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