Orthodontic Technology And Your Smile

Orthodontic Technology And Your SmileThe improvements to orthodontic technology in recent years have made it so that your smile can be served efficiently and comfortably. Advanced technology can produce better results with fewer visits and shortened treatment times. Your orthodontic experience can focus on enhanced comfort, decreased treatment time, and fewer trips to the orthodontist. Investments in technology allow for precision treatment; precise treatment often ends up with more precise results. Newer technology can also make your orthodontic treatment more friendly on your appearance during the actual treatment.

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging technology can produce precise, vivid, detailed renderings of your teeth. Less modern techniques to get detailed information of your smile involved taking a physical impression of teeth with a putty mold. The experience was often a bit messy and could be uncomfortable for the patient to endure. Most importantly, physical molds were less accurate than digitally scanned images. These type of images could be used to provide useful information to you and your orthodontist, design treatment plans, or design molds or trays for your mouth.  Digitally imaging, like the iTero scanner, involves only using a handheld scanner to record your mouth’s images. The process is much less time-consuming than the traditional putty method.

Accelerated Treatment

The goal of orthodontic treatment is to move teeth into more symmetrical positions. To do this, there must be a shift and reformation of the jawbone structure and periodontal tissues supporting them. Bone reformation can typically take up to two years to complete. Propel® Accelerated Orthodontics allows for your treatment to be completed in almost half the time. The advanced technology of Propel® Accelerated Orthodontics stimulates bone growth and formation around your teeth, which allows for a quicker orthodontic treatment.  The Propel® VPro5 is a single device that you use for approximately five minutes each day to encourage the treatment to move along faster.

Your smile can be improved with advanced technology

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