Nervous About Your Orthodontic Visit?

Nervous About Your Orthodontic Visit?Is your child or teen feeling anxious about their first visit to the orthodontist? Maybe your own worry and anxiety is keeping you from correcting your own alignment concerns? If you or your loved ones are experiencing nervousness about your visit, you are not alone. Many people get anxiety thinking about going to the orthodontist. Some people even have a genuine phobia. While you may feel these nerves about your visit, it is important to seek treatment for the health of your smile. Modern technology can help ease some of your concerns. Your orthodontist and the office team prioritize your comfort; they will aim to help you feel as at ease as possible. 

Talk It Out

Whether you or your family member is experiencing anxiety over the visit, it is important to talk it out. Sometimes a specific fear may be holding you back from important treatment. If you voice your specific fear to your orthodontist or their team, they may be able to address your concerns directly. For example, many people have a fear of getting a mold taken of their mouth. Maybe they have previously had a traumatic experience or they fear that they will not be able to breathe through their nose for that long. If that rings true to you, you should know that modern technology like an iTero digital scanner replaces putty molds. A digital scan of your mouth can be much more comfortable and a lot faster. Talking out your fears and worries give you a chance to address them.

Worried About Your Appearance

A very common concern among both teens and adults is that they will have to wear metal braces that will greatly impact their appearance. There are options to straighten your teeth without impacting your appearance during treatment. Invisalign clear aligners help to align your smile with nearly invisible treatment. It is important to remember that crooked teeth have an impact on more than just your looks. Crooked teeth can lead to TMJ disorder, tooth decay, gum disease, chronic headaches, and more. Treatment is important.

Lake Country Orthodontics wants to ease your nervousness.

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