Customized Treatment With i-CAT Technology

Customized Treatment With i-CAT TechnologyThe investment in the latest technology allows for a more comfortable experience for you. It also allows for a completely customized treatment for you and your smile. i-CAT is computerized tomography technology that can help with diagnostics and treatment planning. The i-CAT technology captures precise and detailed images of your teeth, bite, and mouth, which allows for an accurate portrait of your specific needs. The more precise the diagnostics of your personal situation are, the more precise and targeted your treatment can be. 

Comfortable and Precise

In the past, to get a detailed account of your mouth, your orthodontist may have needed to take physical molds of your mouth using a putty. For patients with sensitive gag reflexes, a physical mold inside of your mouth can be triggering. The i-CAT technology eliminates the invasiveness of the putty molds. The technology allows for the scans to happen much more quickly, so that any nervousness you may feel can be deflated almost immediately. The physical putty impressions can be much less accurate and precise than digital scans can provide. The molds themselves could shift during the bite or shift afterwards.

Customized Planning

Digital imaging allows for crystal clear images to be created quickly and easily. These detailed images can be used to provide a diagnosis of your specific needs. The precise scans and images can also be used to create 3D planning and impressionless models. With 3D planning, a customized treatment plan can be created to specifically accommodate the needs of your smile. The i-CAT technology allows for your orthodontist to get the exact placement of your teeth and their roots. This kind of knowledge is incredibly valuable when crafting your orthodontic treatment. The images captured with i-CAT give a full 3D picture of the structures of your head, face, neck, and jaw without needing to take multiple scans.

i-CAT Technology Can Help You Get Your Dream Smile

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