4 Reasons To Choose Invisalign®

4 Reasons To Choose Invisalign®Living with a crooked, overcrowded, oddly spaced, or uneven smile can be hard. You may feel insecure about the way your teeth looks, which can make you less likely to smile or laugh freely. Crooked teeth can also increase your risk for developing tooth decay, gum disease, TMJ disorder, or other health problems. Therefore it is important to straighten problematic teeth. More and more adults and even teens are beginning to choose Invisalign® clear aligners over traditional metal braces. While Invisalign® is not the best choice for everyone’s smile, it may be right for yours. 

1. A Discreet Appearance

Invisalign® clear aligners are nearly invisible. They are hard to see from a distance and are nearly imperceptible in photographs. If you want to address your smile’s problems without having to wear obvious braces, Invisalign® may be a better solution for your needs.

2. Better For Hygiene

You can remove Invisalign® clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign® clear aligners can and should be removed during eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy your meal or beverage without worrying about the remains getting stuck in your braces. After you have eaten or sipped a drink, you can brush and floss without special tools. This gives you a better chance of keeping your mouth clean and healthy during treatment.

3. A Faster Solution

Invisalign® can offer a shorter treatment time than traditional orthodontic treatments. Invisalign® treatment typically lasts from nine to 18 months. Over the span of the treatment, your teeth will shift incrementally into the desired location. Prior to starting the treatment, you and your doctor will make a treatment plan that will aim to get you your goal smile. With digital technology, you may be able to see a digital rendition of what your treated smile will look like.

4. Less Irritating To Your Mouth

It is absolutely essential that Invisalign® clear aligners are worn at least 22 hours each day. During the time you wear it, you will find that the plastic aligners can be much more comfortable than traditional braces with metal brackets and wires. The plastic can be less irritating to the soft tissues of your mouth.

Are you ready to update your smile with Invisalign®?

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