iTero: Making More Than A Good Impression

itero good impressionThe traditional tray and putty process for getting impressions of your teeth can be messy, uncomfortable, and downright inaccurate. The iTero® digital scanner allows for an accurate impression of your mouth to be made without the use of trays or putties. The scan is much faster, much more comfortable, and much more accurate than traditional techniques. The benefits of the iTero® go beyond just making a good impression though. The iTero® technology allows for you to see the scanning process as it happens, as well as being able to see a simulation of the outcome of your treatment. 

A Good Impression

An accurate impression of your mouth is essential to creating effective treatment. When using the traditional method of trays and putty, a patient would have to bite down on a messy putty multiple times to get an impression for a mold to be created. Some patients would have a gag reflex that would be triggered throughout this process making the process uncomfortable and the results inaccurate. Even when the putty process would be done smoothly, it still could lead to inaccuracies. Digital technology allows for the utmost precision possible. The scan itself usually takes just a few minutes with a small scanner in the mouth. The digital scans can be translated directly to a computer which can craft the treatment leaving little room for error.

And More

When you and your doctor discuss your treatment plan, it can sound great in theory. But a theory is hard to make concrete or to visualize in your head.  iTero® technology not only allows for you, the patient, to see the scanning process as it happens, but you will be able to see a personalized simulation of what your smile will look like after treatment. For example, you will be able to see your smile after wearing Invisalign® clear aligners.

Ask Dr. Cabal about iTero® technology

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