Best Age For The First Orthodontist Visit?

Best Age For The First Orthodontist Visit? A frequently asked question for an orthodontist is asking when the best age is to first visit the orthodontist. The American Associates for Orthodontists recommend that seven years old is the best age for a child’s first exam with an orthodontist. Seven may seem like an arbitrary age, and while not everyone is the same, it is developmentally the best age to identify any potential orthodontic issues. Baby teeth typically fall out in the same order, and age seven lands in between some formative dental years. If your child is already older than seven or if you, yourself, think you may need your first orthodontic visit, remember that anyone of all ages can visit.

To Identify Crowding and Spacing of Teeth

Between the ages of six and eight, it is normal for children to lose the first eight of their primary teeth. Known as the “6-year molars,” the first four permanent molars usually emerge by age six in children. By the age of seven, children usually have at least four permanent molars and four permanent incisors. Having this many permanent teeth in the mouth gives your orthodontist an opportunity to identify any crowding or spacing issues with the teeth.

To Identify Alignment or Bite Issues

By age seven, the mouth has reached a developmental stage where crooked teeth, i.e. misalignment, or any underbite or overbite, can be detected. While these types of issues can be addressed at an older age, it can be helpful to identify and treat earlier. Interceptive treatment can help create a healthy mouth and healthy self-esteem for your child.

Kids’ Orthodontics

For children’s first orthodontic exams, comfort is extremely important. A waiting room with video games can help keep their mind at ease. Kids’ orthodontics not only allows for treatment before an issue causes any problems, but it also gives an opportunity to gain an education over their own mouth’s health.

Is your child ready for his or her first orthodontic visit?

The age of seven is the best age for the first visit. To schedule a consultation, call Lake Country Orthodontics in Ft. Worth, TX, at (817) 236-7846. We serve adults, teens, and children from White Settlement, North Fort Worth, Springtown, Rome, Haslet, Azle, Saginaw, and surrounding Texas communities.