Month: October 2017

Best Age For The First Orthodontist Visit?

A frequently asked question for an orthodontist is asking when the best age is to first visit the orthodontist. The American Associates for Orthodontists recommend that seven years old is the best age for a child’s first exam with an orthodontist. Seven may seem like an arbitrary age, and while not everyone is the same,… Read more »

How Does Invisalign Straighten My Teeth?

Invisalign® clear aligners have been gaining popularity over the past few years. Many people of all ages are intrigued by the thought of straightening their smile’s alignment without the appearance of traditional braces. The question often arises, “how does Invisalign® straighten my teeth?” After all, the aligners look so comfortable and non-assuming that it is… Read more »

iTero: Making More Than A Good Impression

The traditional tray and putty process for getting impressions of your teeth can be messy, uncomfortable, and downright inaccurate. The iTero® digital scanner allows for an accurate impression of your mouth to be made without the use of trays or putties. The scan is much faster, much more comfortable, and much more accurate than traditional techniques…. Read more »

Dia de los Muertos Celebration 2017

Artes de las Rosas Cultural Center is hosting another year’s Dia de los Muertos Celebration for Fort Worth, Texas.  Día de los Muertos is a very happy Mexican-American holiday that celebrates loved ones who have passed on. According to the traditional folklore, the gates of Heaven are opened at midnight on October 31st allowing the spirits… Read more »

Keeping Healthy Smiles This Fall

‘Tis the season for sweets. Starting in the fall all the way through the holidays, you may find yourself and your family bombarded by sweet temptation. Basic pumpkin spice is everywhere even in a sugar bomb of a morning coffee. Halloween is a holiday almost entirely devoted to candy. How do you make sure that… Read more »

The Hygiene Benefits of Invisalign

Straightening your smile is not just a matter of improving your appearance. A smile that is not straight can lead to headaches, tooth decay, gum disease, temporomandibular joint disorder, tooth damage, and more. Straightening your crooked smile reduces your risks of developing these problems in your mouth. Traditional metal braces can make it difficult to… Read more »

Have You Been To The Fair?

Fall is in full swing, and now the weather finally feels like it. Have you been to the State Fair of Texas yet? The Fair is a great way to feel the fall weather and get the feel of the season. The State Fair of Texas established in 1886, has been going strong for over a century. The… Read more »

Is TMJ Disorder Causing My Jaw Pain?

Jaw pain can consist of constant throbbing pain in your jaw, cheeks, temples, neck, and even down to your shoulders. It may be a combination of these types of pain with frequent headaches. If you are experiencing these types of chronic pain, you may have a condition known as TMJ disorder. TMJ stands for the… Read more »

5 Problems Caused By Crooked Teeth

Many people believe that orthodontic treatment is solely for correcting the cosmetic appearance of your smile, but those many people would be wrong. Crooked, misaligned teeth cause more problems than just causing you to be insecure about the look of your smile. Correcting misaligned, crooked teeth can lower your risk of developing problems like chronic… Read more »

5 Tips For Invisalign Success

Have you just started your journey with Invisalign? Perhaps you are a more seasoned veteran in the middle of your Invisalign treatment. Maybe you are a person who is just interested in getting Invisalign aligners, but have not yet gone through with the decision. Whatever stage you are at with Invisalign, there some key things… Read more »