The Benefits Of Smiling

The Benefits Of SmilingSmiling and laughing can have a positive effect on your appearance and your outlook. But did you know that smiling be good for your health? When we are children, we find ourselves smiling and laughing all the time. We smile on the playground and sometimes for no reason at all. As we become adults, we may let the stresses of the every day grind take away our joy. Maybe insecurities keep us from smiling; whether it be from crooked teeth or stains. If you have a reason that you are not often smiling, find a reason to correct it because smiling is good for you. 

Endorphins Are Released

Endorphins are natural hormones in your body that can relieve stress and pain. When you feel positive joy, endorphins are released that trigger the muscles in your face to smile. Because this pathway is like a loop, when you smile, it triggers the release of endorphins. In other words, sometimes faking a smile may lead to a real smile. Endorphins can help lead to a euphoric feeling that can ward of stress and depression. An increase in endorphins can lower the hormone cortisol in your system. Cortisol is your body’s defense mechanism against stress.

Confident Social Interactions

A smile may make you more approachable to other people, but it can also make you feel more confident in yourself. Whether it be at work or in a social setting, remembering to smile will not only help you be more socially attractive but it can help to improve your mood.

Improve Your Smile

If you find yourself letting the condition of your smile hold your back, it is time to adjust. Your body and health benefits from you feeling confident enough to grin and laugh. If you are letting misaligned teeth or other issues keep you covering up your smile, you should consider treatment to get you a smile you will want to show off.

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