A New Smile With Tooth-Colored Brackets

A New Smile With Tooth-Colored BracketsThe traditional idea of braces may make you think of clunky metal wires and attention-getting brackets, but modern braces make for a bit more seamless smile. Tooth-colored brackets blend in with your teeth, which allows for orthodontic treatment that may make you feel less self-conscious. When your orthodontic needs are too severe for Invisalign, tooth-colored brackets are the next best thing. They can give you the effectiveness of traditional metal braces with a less obvious appearance. If you have been apprehensive about receiving orthodontic treatment because of your appearance, consider tooth-colored brackets. 

Customized To Your Teeth

The brackets will be color-matched to your smile to blend discreetly along with your natural teeth. Sometimes people get their teeth whitened prior to the color-matching to give a brighter appearance to the smile. The tooth-colored brackets are made out of ceramic, which makes them harder to notice against the background of your real teeth. The brackets will be paired with traditional archwires, which makes them just as effective as metal brackets.

More Comfortable

Some people have reported that ceramic brackets irritate their mouth less often than metal brackets. With less irritation to the lips, cheeks, and gums, the tooth-colored brackets can actually feel more comfortable.

Discreetly Treating Your Smile

When you need orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth or fix your misalignment, it is important that you do it. Crooked teeth and misalignment can cause a wide number of oral health problems ranging from increased risks of gum disease and tooth decay to damaged teeth to temporomandibular joint disorder to teeth grinding to tooth loss. Putting off important treatment because you do not want to change your appearance can cause harm to your smile in the long run. Wearing braces is not forever, but it can feel less daunting when you feel confident with your appearance.

Ask Dr. Cabal if tooth-colored brackets are right for you

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