Month: September 2017

Worried Your Teeth Will Shift Again?

Orthodontic treatment can make a dramatic change in your smile, both in appearance and health. Some people fear investing time and money into orthodontic care because they worry that their teeth will shift back into their original position. While some patients may need to use a retainer to sustain the adjustments and some patients may… Read more »

The Benefits Of Smiling

Smiling and laughing can have a positive effect on your appearance and your outlook. But did you know that smiling be good for your health? When we are children, we find ourselves smiling and laughing all the time. We smile on the playground and sometimes for no reason at all. As we become adults, we… Read more »

Tech Advancements To Help Your Smile

Improvements to orthodontic technology have been made to make orthodontic treatment over time. By investing in modern materials, tools, and techniques, your treatment can be made more comfortable and effective. For example, nickel-titanium-alloy arch wires instead of steel wires can reduce maintenance. The use of imaging technology can provide precision impressions of your teeth and jaw… Read more »

Tips For Parents Of Teens With Braces

It is incredibly common for American teenagers to wear braces these days. Even though this somewhat now normal rite of passage is beneficial to your teen’s oral health, it can be trying and difficult at times. Orthodontic treatment comes with daily responsibilities that your teenager may have trouble adjusting to. As a parent, you may… Read more »

A New Smile With Tooth-Colored Brackets

The traditional idea of braces may make you think of clunky metal wires and attention-getting brackets, but modern braces make for a bit more seamless smile. Tooth-colored brackets blend in with your teeth, which allows for orthodontic treatment that may make you feel less self-conscious. When your orthodontic needs are too severe for Invisalign, tooth-colored… Read more »

Important Reasons To Straighten Teeth

Crooked, misaligned teeth can make a mark on someone’s appearance. A wonky smile can make you feel insecure about showing off your grin to the world. Your confidence is important, but straighter teeth also provide several health benefits over crooked teeth. Straighter teeth are less susceptible to breakage or tooth decay. Crooked teeth can increase… Read more »

Do I Qualify For Invisalign?

Many adults need orthodontic treatment, but are worried about the appearance of metal braces. Invisalign is a patented system of custom, clear acrylic aligners that gently reposition misaligned teeth. Invisalign aligners are removable, so they can be removed for eating, drinking, and brushing/flossing of the teeth. Invisalign is a great option for people who have mild… Read more »

Learn More About Appearance-Friendly Orthodontic Work

Because braces are often associated with younger smiles, older teens and adults may fear how orthodontic work makes them look. Adults in particular can be anxious about how braces will undermine their professional appearance at work. If your hesitation to move forward with correcting crooked teeth is rooted in this issue, you should set a… Read more »