Why Choose Tooth-Colored Brackets?

why choose tooth-colored bracketsOne of the biggest reason that people steer clear of orthodontic treatment is the potential change in their appearance. While Invisalign can be an excellent option for those with mild to moderate orthodontic needs, not everyone qualifies for Invisalign treatment. For those that need more advanced orthodontic treatment, there is an option that will make less of an impact on the appearance than traditional braces. Tooth-colored brackets can be used with braces. Metal braces can take care of your serious orthodontic needs, while the tooth-colored brackets can better blend in with your natural smile. 

Increased Confidence

Braces are meant to give you a smile that you can feel confident about. That becomes moot if you become insecure during your time wearing braces. Tooth-colored brackets can be custom-matched to blend in nearly seamlessly with your smile. From a distance or in photographs, tooth-colored brackets are much harder to see than traditional brackets.

Less Irritation

Tooth-colored brackets are made from ceramics. Many patients find that the ceramic, tooth-colored bracket material irritate their lips and gums much less than the traditional metal brackets.

Decreased Risk of TMJ

A misaligned bite increases your risk of TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. TMJ disorder can cause pain and popping in your jaw.  Braces help to correct your bite alignment, and therefore decrease your risk of developing TMJ disorder.

Protect Your Teeth

Crooked teeth are hard to clean. The unevenness and wonky placing can create more nooks and crannies between the teeth. This can create hiding spots for harmful, decay-causing bacteria. These spots created by overlapping, crooked teeth are usually quite difficult to brush or floss adequately. The hiding decay can be left there for long periods of time. Braces can straighten your teeth eliminating the hiding places for bacteria.

Tooth-colored brackets can make braces less obtrusive on your appearance

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