Chronic Headaches Caused By Malocclusion?

Chronic Headaches Caused By Malocclusion?Malocclusion is the improper alignment of the upper and lower ridges of teeth. It can be a contributing cause for chronic headaches. Headaches can be caused by a wide swath of reasons, such as, dehydration, stress, vision problems, just to name a few. If your chronic headache is accompanied by facial pain or pain in the teeth or jaw, it may be caused by malocclusion. A misaligned bite can be addressed with orthodontic treatment. Oftentimes, correcting a bite with braces or another type of orthodontic treatment can help treat chronic headaches. 

Why Does It Cause Headaches?

Ideally, the top and bottom dental arches would line up together with the upper front teeth resting just in front of the lower teeth. The movement of the upper and lower parts of the jaw are controlled by the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Malocclusion causes strain on this joint. Most cases of malocclusion are caused by genetics, but it can sometimes be caused by bruxism. Bruxism is also known as teeth grinding. Bruxism can also be a symptom of malocclusion, in addition to being a possible cause of it. Grinding of the teeth can cause stress and pain to the jaw and teeth leading to headaches. The strain and pressure on the TMJ can lead to chronic headaches. When your teeth to do not fit together properly, they overcompensate causing strain and pain.

Orthodontic Treatment

Malocclusion can be identified at an early age, which can mean that early treatment may prevent chronic headaches from ever happening. More and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment from braces or Invisalign. Orthodontic treatment will slowly and gently move the misaligned teeth into proper alignment. The proper alignment of the bite will lessen the strain and pressure of the overworked jaw alleviating the chronic headaches.

Do you think a misaligned bite is leading to your chronic headaches?

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