Precision Treatment With iTero

Precision Treatment With iTeroFor many years in orthodontic and dental treatment, a mold of the mouth would be made with a physical impression. The patient would have to bite down on a tacky substance to leave an impression of the teeth’s bite into the shape. This process would often be uncomfortable for the patient. It would also be very messy and only mildly accurate. With iTero technology, a special wand with lasers is used to scan the mouth in place of the gooey mold. The lasers communicate with a computer to give a precise map of the mouth including exact measurements. The bite, alignment, size, and shape are all captured to be used for whatever treatment is needed.

Uses in orthodontic treatment

Having a precise mold is priceless when building specific treatment. When a patient gets Invisalign, it is important to have an accurate fit. Using iTero scanning to get precision measurements can produce better treatment results. TMJ disorder can be treated using oral splints. These oral splints are very similar to a mouth guard. The mouth guard can be better created using the scan details gathered from iTero technology. Unlike traditional molds, the iTero scans can be directly communicated to a computer that will create the molds for orthodontic treatment.

Speed and comfort

With the results captured directly into a computer, all of the measurements and images can be transferred at very fast speeds. Less time is wasted when using iTero technology. iTero technology also allows for much more comfort during the scanning process. Getting an impression using a mold typically requires the material to go deep into the back of the mouth. This could cause discomfort and the gag reflex. The iTero wand is in the mouth for less time and does not to sit in an area triggering the gag reflex.

iTero technology can be an important part of your treatment

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