Month: July 2017

Staying Calm In An Orthodontic Emergency

When an emergency arises involving yourself or your loved one, it can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety. The best thing to do during an emergency is to stay calm, cool, and collected. The best way to feel calm is to feel prepared and knowledgeable. An orthodontic emergency is any situation where there… Read more »

Precision Treatment With iTero

For many years in orthodontic and dental treatment, a mold of the mouth would be made with a physical impression. The patient would have to bite down on a tacky substance to leave an impression of the teeth’s bite into the shape. This process would often be uncomfortable for the patient. It would also be… Read more »

TMJ: What You Should Know

Modern society can be absolutely incredible. There are always new things to do or see, breathtaking technology at our fingertips 24/7, as well as opportunities to grow, change, and improve yourself. Modern life can also be a source of excess stress, which, over time, can have adverse effects on your overall well-being, including your oral… Read more »

We Make Visiting The Dentist Fun For Kids

Instilling good oral health care habits in your children is vital for their smile’s long term health. Along with brushing and flossing, it’s also important to make visits with their dentist a regular part of caring for their teeth. Your dentist can offer a warm environment as well as specialized orthodontics for children of all… Read more »

Can You Improve Your Flossing?

Flossing can sometimes seem like the awkward, nerdy sibling to brushing your teeth. Everybody understands the importance of using a toothbrush, but nobody really appreciates how vital flossing is to maintaining your oral health While your toothbrush does a fine job cleaning the outside of your teeth, flossing is the only way to remove the… Read more »