Month: April 2017

Do You Know What Modern Orthodontic Treatment Can Offer You?

Many people think of orthodontic treatment as just another step on the long pathway from adolescence to adulthood. While it is true that many patients who have their teeth straightened are kids and teens, many adults also come in to enjoy corrective work. If you have left an orthodontic issue unaddressed into adulthood – or… Read more »

Worried About Orthodontic Care? What You Should Know

Is concern about orthodontic treatment holding you back from correcting your alignment issues? If you are hesitant about having braces (or if you are trying to coax a stubborn child into orthodontic care), having more information can be helpful. One thing you should know is that modern technology can make orthodontic work less involved, and… Read more »

Working With Your Orthodontist To Address TMJ Dysfunction

Every day you deal with TMJ dysfunction can be marked by discomfort. The problem can stem from several different sources. You may have problems with your jaw alignment because of a flawed bite (a problem often linked to crooked teeth). You might have this pain as the result of stress, especially if you tend to… Read more »

Is It Too Late For Me To Have My Teeth Straightened?

Having your teeth straightened can make a big difference to how you look. However, the reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment extend beyond the cosmetic. You can actually enjoy a reduced risk for problems like gum disease and tooth decay, and have a more natural, comfortable bite. You may worry that not having your teeth straightened… Read more »