What To Expect From Tooth-Colored Brackets

Did you know that you can enjoy a more discreet orthodontic adjustment when you use ceramic, tooth-colored brackets with your braces? One reason people, particularly teens and adults, worry about braces is because of the potential effect on how they look. While tooth-colored brackets do not disappear entirely from view, they match up with your enamel closely enough to be effectively camouflaged, and harder to notice. They can do as well as metal brackets when it comes to providing adjustments. They can also make for a more comfortable experience, as many who receive them report less irritation from the ceramic brackets than from metal brackets.

Cosmetic Orthodontics Can Offer More Discreet Dental Adjustments

The orthodontic experience does not have to overwhelm your smile. In fact, for some people, cosmetic orthodontics will provide an experience that has minimal effect on how they look. Your orthodontist will need to approve you for treatment with Invisalign, but if you do qualify, you can have clear plastic aligners that can be removed, and are difficult for people to spot. The aligners make gradual shifts to your teeth, which will result in a straightened smile. Still, your orthodontist needs to make sure you are not in need of a more significant adjustment, as Invisalign can fall short of what you need. Tooth-colored brackets can be ideal for people worried about their appearance who do not qualify for Invisalign.

Why Adjusting Your Teeth Matters To More Than Just Your Smile

Adjusting your teeth can lead to a more natural, comfortable bite. This can protect you from jaw problems, and lower your risk of developing TMJ issues. You will also enjoy a lower risk for cavities and gum disease, as straightened teeth will be easier for you to care for.