Month: March 2017

Using Invisalign Aligners To Adjust Your Smile

How do Invisalign aligners manage to correct crooked smiles? What allows them to make corrections you might only expect from traditional bracket and wire braces? It is worth noting that not every patient will be able to have their orthodontic work provided with Invisalign. However, for those who do, the procedure involves a sequence of… Read more »

Quiz: The Benefits Of Orthodontic Care

Why do people so often choose to have their smiles adjusted through an orthodontic treatment? The cosmetic benefits can be as obvious as the smile on a person’s face, but there are other advantages. Patients who have poorly aligned teeth can also have misaligned bites, which can lead to troubles with your jaw. By straightening… Read more »

Beginning Your Orthodontic Treatment

Starting the process of adjusting your teeth may seem daunting. After all, this is a process that can demand time, and it puts you in an unfamiliar situation. This, of course, is in addition to the concerns you may have about how your smile will look while you undergo orthodontic treatment. What you should know… Read more »

What Happens If My Teeth Shift Again After Orthodontic Work?

Orthodontic work can make dramatic changes to your smile. For many patients, time with a retainer will be needed to keep those adjustments sustained. Unfortunately, some patients will notice over time that their teeth have begun to move again. This can lead to the frustrating situation of feeling like you need to undergo some kind… Read more »

What To Expect From Tooth-Colored Brackets

Did you know that you can enjoy a more discreet orthodontic adjustment when you use ceramic, tooth-colored brackets with your braces? One reason people, particularly teens and adults, worry about braces is because of the potential effect on how they look. While tooth-colored brackets do not disappear entirely from view, they match up with your… Read more »