Helping Your Child Adjust To Life With Braces

Your child may experience a measure of anxiety upon learning they will need braces. Some of that concern can be rooted in the cosmetic effect an orthodontic appliance can have. They might also be nervous about any possible discomfort. Your orthodontist wants your child to have the best possible experience as they undergo care. In some cases, they may be able to provide a discreet adjustment with Invisalign. Even if your child does not qualify for this, tooth-colored brackets can limit the effect braces have on their smile. While the sensation of having their teeth realigned may be an odd one, modern tools and materials can help provide the most comfortable possible experience.

Handling An Orthodontic Emergency

One source of alarm for your child might be the prospect of something going wrong with their braces. Emergency orthodontic care is available if anything does come up. If they have a broken or loose wire, there are steps you can take to limit their discomfort. A loose wire can be gently moved with a pencil eraser, and wax can be applied to a loose wire, to limit any discomfort it may cause.

Oral Health Benefits Gained From Having Straightened Teeth

Many patients, children and adults alike, focus on the cosmetic benefits from an orthodontic treatment. This is certainly understandable – an adjustment can make a terrific difference in someone’s appearance! That being said, a straightened smile does more than just affect their looks. After a correction, their risk for jaw problems can be lowered. Patients can also come away with less risk for cavities, and for problems like gum tissue recession.