Demystifying Adult Orthodontics

The idea of receiving braces as an adult may seem strange to some – orthodontic treatment is usually provided for younger patients. However, this procedure can offer important benefits to those who need it, as it offers both cosmetic and oral health advantages. When you go in for your initial consultation, your orthodontist can address any concerns you have, and break down the benefits of straightening your teeth. With the use of advanced digital imaging, they can create detailed views of your teeth and jaw, and help illustrate what needs to be done. You may feel that orthodontic treatment is unusual for adult patients, but undergoing an alignment can improve your smile, and help you avoid problems like cavities, gum disease, and TMJ pains.

Poor Dental Alignment Can Affect More Than Just Your Looks

Crooked teeth can be harder to keep clean, as unusual overlaps may leave certain spaces harder to access. When bacteria gather in these spaces, your risk for problems like cavities and gum disease can rise. If your alignment problems affect your bite, you can be at risk for developing TMJ troubles, as your jaw joints can be compromised.

Cosmetic Orthodontics Can Minimize The Change To Your Appearance

If you have anxieties about how treatment will affect your appearance, you should know that cosmetic orthodontics can help. Some patients who only need milder adjustments, or who want to address movement that occurred after an earlier orthodontic treatment, can quality for Invisalign. Your aligners will be discreet, and removable, meaning more convenience, with less of a visual distraction. If this does not work for you, your orthodontist may suggest tooth-colored brackets, which can work as well as traditional braces, but have less of an effect on how you look.